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Courtney McBean (U-13)

I grew up in Massachusetts, where larosse was the norm. I played field hockey and lacrosse in High School, at The Wheeler School in RI, and  college at Skidmore College in NY.

I've always been an athlete, in both team and individual sports, and I value the impact of hard work, pushing your boundaries and working together as a team. A former USAT triathlon coach, I now coach girls’ lacrosse and love helping kids realize their potential through positive coaching.

During the day, I manage Cascadia Global Research. When not working, you can find me trail running, Mt. Biking with Ainsley and Avery and skiing at Mt. Baker.  

Fun Fact:  I'm old enough to have played with one of those "antique" wooden lacrosse sticks (which my kids think is hilarious). 


Jessica Stewart (U-13)

Kate Noyer (High School)


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Courtney McBean
Kate Noyer
Gina Russell
Jessica Stewart
Teri Milnes
Greg Martens


Duncan McBean (U-15)

When my family moved to Maryland in 1979 I started playing lacrosse and fell in love with it. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by outstanding talent and coaching throughout my lacrosse at the Gilman School and University of Pennsylvania. 

I have been coaching youth girls lacrosse for about 5 years, starting when Ainsley was in kindergarten and she played boys lacrosse.

 Interacting with and coaching these children is an awesome experience and I am wholly thankful for it. My greatest reward thus far was hearing from a parent that her daughter came home after practice and said, "Mom, I am no longer a loser". She had, through the encouragement and camaraderie of her teammates, found friends and a reason to be happy. I am passionate about sports and how they contribute to self esteem and happiness.

Outside of lacrosse, I am an Emergency Physician at St Joseph Hospital in town. In my free time, I love mountain biking at Galbraith with the girls, skiing at Baker and the backcountry, fishing for salmon and playing on the lake in the summer.