What Equipment Do I Need?

New to lacrosse? Your player will need basic equipment to get started. Below is a list of what you'll need and some links to our recommendations. If you have any questions ask one of your coaches or returning parents! We're happy to help you figure it all out.

In short, players need:

  • Lacrosse Stick: There are endless options for sticks out there. If you are new to the game feel free to use one of our team sticks. Once you are ready to stick with it, purchase good quality women's stick not a introductory youth stick- it will make a difference. SportsStop.com frequently has great prices and sales. One stick we often recommend can be found at the link below. But don't let that limit you. Feel free to ask a coach for help choosing the right stick.

  • Eye Protection: They've got to be comfortable! Different brands have a very different fit so try them on before buying. If you can't get to a store that carries different options, have your player try some on at practice to determine the best fit. Coaches can help.

  • Mouthguard: Mouthguards are non-negotiable. A great mouthguard option that is orthodontist approved is available at:

  • Cleats, if outside: You'll need cleats for outdoor play. Check the local used sports shops or send the team an email. Chances are there is a teammate with a spare pair they've outgrown.


The good news is we have trial equipment players can borrow if they are just trying the sport - just ask!

courtney mcbean